Eurclass DIN Rail Transformer Enclosure


Eurclass is a patented DIN rail transformer mounting system developed to allow quick and robust mounting in control cabinets, wiring modules and anywhere where DIN rails are used to hold equipment.

The system is easy to assemble consisting of only four parts:

  • Bobbin - 3 metric lamination sizes with double section versions available. Various terminal configurations can be offered
  • Base - designed to securely accommodate the bobbin and fitted with a spring loaded DIN rail clip. Screw fixing holes offer an alternative mounting option.
  • Body - securely connecting the base and lid
  • Lid - with holes for customer access to terminals for connecting. Air vents for heat dissipation and areas for labelling / branding
Bobbin Sizes in EURCLASS System
  • EI84 x 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm
  • EI96 x 40mm, 50mm and 60mm
  • EI120 x 40mm and 50mm
  • Double Section Bobbins available for EI84 and EI120 ranges

PDF Download - Eurclass DIN Rail Enclosure System