Flexiformer Coil Support

Used in the production of larger transformer coils "FLEXIFORMER" offers designers a cost effective method of producing well constructed coils.

Flexiformer is a patented system for the quick assembly of coil supports for larger transformer coils.

It consists of corner pieces with inbuilt duct strip channels, spacers to accommodate width and stack depth and corner profile rods.The whole system is cost effective, well engineered and sturdy.


  • Corner pieces in 45° and 90° profiles
  • Class H (180°C ) System
  • Sturdy construction
  • Plate widths of 120mm to 190mm
  • Stack depths of 90mm to 190mm
  • Larger stack or plate widths can be accommodated substituting spacers with  2.0mm Class H rigid insulation sheet
The FlexiFormer coil support system provides a cost effective and easy method of building large transformer coil supports for cut core lamination widths 130mm to 190mm. Further spacer sizes will be available shortly extending the range from 90mm to 190mm. The patented system consists of corner pieces, spacers and corner section profile which fit together to form a rigid structure upon which heavy windings can be produced.   Corner pieces are available in 90° or 45° profiles which offer alternative positioning of duct strips allowing for optimal air flow. Slot channels on the corner piece allow for duct strips to be placed in a fixed position. This eliminates the chance of the duct moving or falling out of the coil, maintaining the shape and integrity of the coil.
Flexiformer 45degrees
Flexiformer 90degrees

Up until now heavy windings have been produced by wrapping an insulation former around a winding mandrel. When the wound coil is removed from the mandrel there is the danger of the inside of the coil collapsing as there is nothing supporting it.

Added complications can also come when trying to fit the coil onto the lamination stack with the possibility of insulation damage where the mis-shapen coil snags against the laminated core. This can lead to potential puncturing of the coil insulation heightening the risk of shorted turns and earth faults.

FlexiFormer ensures that the coil is supported and does not collapse during this transition from winding machine to core building.

Flexiformer Outline Double Section

The whole assembly is rated at temperature Class H UL94 VO and can be included in systems where high temperature and flame retardant materials are specified.

For more information or a demonstration of this innovative coil support system please call today on 0044 121 773 3090